Individual Retreats

Private meditation and yoga retreats give you space to relax deeply and renew yourself. With delicious organic detox.

These private retreats give you space to relax completely and find a deep sense of renewal and peace. You have a large, comfortable room and private bathroom and living room, where a wood-burning stove provides the magic of fire on cool evenings.

The day begins with a private yoga session to awaken the spine and connect deeply to the vital energy of the body. This Scaravelli-inspired yoga is suitable for everybody, as it works with the natural alignment of the spine and the support of the ground. This allows the body to release tension and recover its natural grace and ease.

Yoga is followed by a session of guided meditation and conscious breathing, taking you out of anxiety and compulsive thinking into the peace and stillness at the core of your being.

Meditation and movement come together on walks through the wild forested river gorges, to connect with the elemental powers of the landscape, and allow vital energy to flow more freely through the body. On the 7-day retreats, we also make a special pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Black Virgin at Rocamadour, or to the Paleolithic painted caves of Pech Merle to experience the magic of some of Europe’s most beautiful sacred sites.

Depending on the weather, you may also sunbathe in the peaceful garden, swim in the river, read by the fire, or visit some of the stunning medieval sites in the immediate area. You can also receive massage in your room from our wonderfully-gifted therapist.

There will be a short yoga session, followed by guided meditation before dinner each evening.

You will leave with a profound sense of renewal, an upwelling of vitality, and greater connectnedness to the peace and stillness at the core of your being.

Food is based on organic, local and seasonal ingredients, excluding common inflammatory triggers, such as dairy, gluten, sugar, fried oils and refined carbohydrates. You will have fresh juices and smoothies, organic vegetables and fruit, seasonal salads and local, organic meat.

Wheat and dairy-free cakes are accompanied by fabulous teas made from local, organic herbs and flowers. Add a glass of organic wine in the evening should you wish and joy is complete! As we eat consciously and enjoy food grown and prepared in harmony  processed and refined foods lose their addictive hold. We become more sensitive to our real needs, and allow our bodies to be renewed naturally and rejuvenated.

Prices include all meals, meditation sessions and guided walks. 5-7 day private retreats from €790/ person.

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