We are deeply grateful for your generosity and nourishment these 5 nights on New Year Retreat. Thank you for your warm and loving friendship,  Thank you for your warm and loving friendship, for your hospitality in opening up your lives, and beautiful house with its warm, delicious and yummy comforts! For the daily reflections and meditations that guide our understanding and connectivity and for sharing your profound wisdom that met us all exactly where we are.

We leave feeling softened and fuelled to take on the New Year. » Jonathan and Bettina, 2/1/2015

« I have so enjoyed our New Year retreat – your hospitality has no bounds! The baths, the fires, the food, the conversations and of course the tea and cakes always proferred at the right time! Many thanks for the warm, beautiful and calm space that has given me time to reflect on so many things. I will take it all home and allow it to gestate! »

Eleanor 2/1/2015

This has been a week of total Joy and Renewal. And I never ate so much and felt good. Thank you both for providing the perfect retreat from the noise. Love, Sharon April 2014

“The whole experience was so wonderful I found it hard to leave!” Frances.

“Joy and Renewal – A Perfect Spring Rite! Thank you both so much, love, Claire » April 2014

” Out of the darkness,

In search of space

I followed my light

To the laughing place!”

Sharon 2014

The Medieval sites of Rocamadour and Cordes sur Ciel, which we visit for Christmas and the New Year. The image on the bottom lefts shows the famous horses of Pech Merle, one of the 26,000 year paintings inside the Pech Merle caves, which we visit on our Summer retreat. These are the oldest Paleolithic painted caves still open to the public and a sacred site of great power.

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